Atlanta Winter Beer Festival: It’s all about the Wake-N-Bake


A squeal.  A frantic phone call. An excited Facebook post. All of those are things that I did when I heard Terrapin Wake-N-Bake would be on tap at Atlanta Winter Beer Festival. Can you tell I was excited? This year’s Atlanta Winter Beer Festival felt bigger and better than 2012: more vendors, food and toilets. They all make a difference. Not to mention, an appearance by Duck Dynasty and Moonshiners(Tickle)! All in a day’s work. All for beer.

What would a Winter Beer Festival be without stout and to be precise: Wake-N-Bake? I’m sure I’ve commented and talked about this beer to no end, but here is a little refresher. Terrapin Wake-N-Bake (Oatmeal Coffee Stout) is my favorite beer with a mix of Jittery Joe’s coffee from my Athens days to the heaviness of the Oatmeal Stout, to the smooth bite of the malts, it is all around joy.  Joy in a bottle! I stumbled upon this beer at Taco Mac (of all places, not some great beer bar like Porter) back in about 2006 or 2007 and it was love at first sip. I also have to mention when we went up to Terrapin a few years back in January, I was so excited to get Wake N Bake on tap because I hadn’t had it since. Unfortunately, they were out and had Dos Cocas on tap instead. The owner was so nice that she went and got some bottles from her own stash in the back of the warehouse and shared it with me. Now that’s what I call customer service. But, I digress. This beer is so good and I was just so happy to see it at the festival! Thanks, Mike, for giving me this gift this year.

There is a little brewery about 2 hours out of Atlanta in Chattanooga, TN called Chattanooga Brewing. Situated on the North Shore of the Tennessee River, John and I have frequented there for a few years now and go whenever we can. Jonathan is such a nice guy and always remembers us when we visit. Last year, they had this beautiful Coffee Stout on tap that I couldn’t get enough of and was hoping they would bring it to the festival this year. If my memory serves me (sometimes it doesn’t), this is Chattanooga Brewing’s first foray into the Atlanta Beer Festivals events. They were at EABF last year, but haven’t seen them at one of Mike’s events. We were happy to chat with the distributor and enjoy the beer they did bring. Here is one of my favorite stories about Chattanooga Brewing. One time we were hanging out with Jonathan and the other brew master there and they were talking about a new beer, a Kolsch that was literally in the ferment stage. He took some out for us to try while the live yeast was still working its magic. That’s how they do it up there in ‘Nooga: friendly, sharing and all around great guys.

There are so many things you see at a beer festival including more vendors than ever, more food than ever, more port-o-potties than ever, and a whole lot of people in camo. I was really overwhelmed with the amount of vendors at this year’s AWBF. There was a candle that took old Terrapin bottles and filled it with a candle that smelled like beer. Beer! Not to mention that DBA Bar-b-que was there turning up some very delicious beef brisket sandwiches. They were so tender. Also, I remember last year my friend Lindsay and I got into a port-o-potty line for 45 minutes, or as I lovingly call it: the port-o-potty debacle. This year there was no such thing with plenty of toilets for everyone, and I was happy because the Masquerade bathrooms are the worst in the city of any place, anywhere. GROSS. It’s saying something when a port-a-potty is nicer, right? Finally, I was minding my own business, sipping my beer when I swore I saw Willie from Duck Dynasty and Tickle from Moonshiner’s walk by. I thought I was just losing my mind, but it turns out a big group of guys had dressed up for the occasion in Duck Dynasty and Moonshiners fashion. They were all playing flip cup in a line that was about 15 deep on each side. It was a sight! I even got visual evidence to prove it.

That’s all folks. Mike’s got some more great events on the docket, so check out to find out when the next event is and get your ticket. Liz out.

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