Hogs and Hops: You Had Me at Bacon

The music swells while overly pretty couple on the screen get close to each other, almost kissing, and the woman says, “you had me at bacon.” Ripping a page out of the latest romantic comedy, Hogs and Hops renews our love of bacon to epic proportions. It was a pork lovers paradise with ribs, pulled pork, wings, hot dogs, sandwiches, and all the smoky fixings, and don’t forget the bacon.

One of my first sights was a full-sized pig, flattened and smoking in Bone Lick’s portable smoker. They took it out of the smoker and started pulling. I stood and watched because I had never actually seen a full on pig literally being pulled apart. I typically don’t enjoy knowing where my food comes from but at least we know it is fresh and no fillers. I have to say it was also mighty tasty. They also had a dry rub rib that was delicious.

My favorite sandwich of the festival was Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que’s Turkey. Perfectly smoked turkey with cole slaw.  I went back and had to get another one because anything with cole slaw on it is a winner in my book. I also would like to mention the ribs at DBA. They were fall off the bone with the right amount of sauce. I know what I’m going to get next time we visit DBA in the Highlands and Moe’s in midtown.

All this talk about pork is making me hungry, so I’m going to change the subject to the beer. Being that the festival was at Sweetwater, there was a little something for everyone (except maybe people who like light beer only, there is no light beer here).  If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of hops and Sweetwater loves their hops. So I typically just drink either the Exodus Porter or the Brown. They are both a little more mellow and malty mouth feel than hoppy.  For the hop connoisseur, they have a plethora of offerings like the IPA and the almost national 420.  I’ll stick with my Porters and Browns and you can stick with your soapy beer (that’s what hops taste like to me, sorry).

Another fun and successful festival! The right amount of food and beverage, and don’t forget the bacon. I even ate a piece in the spirit of the festival.

For Atlanta Beer Festivals: next up is Summer Beer Festival at Masquerade on Saturday, July 22nd. They will have a beer pong/flip cup tent and a great band, so you should check it out. See you there.




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