Stillhouse: Upside Down Buns and Krispy Kreme ‘Shine


Burgers, burgers everywhere! You’ve got the onslaught of Flip, Yeah Burger, Grind House, and a ton of other smaller joints. It seems the craft burger bandwagon is in full-swing and I love it! In the Andrews Entertainment District, they have a lot of different types of food to offer including tapas, sushi, and pub food, but something I thought that they always did well were their burgers. John and I stop by Stout for a burger about every month so for them to open a burger only place seems like the right thing to do and Stillhouse won’t disappoint.

Located in the old Cafe spot, Stillhouse, has several burger offerings and a ton of moonshine cocktails (and infusions) that are unique to the joint. For my burger, I got the Augusta BBQ. There were a few things that made this one unique including the pulled pork and an upside down bun. Why would they put their buns upside down, you ask? So that you can put your condiments (homemade spicy or regular ketchup) on there first and then flip it over. Seems like a no-brainer, right? The other ingredient that was very different was the slaw. I didn’t expect it to be sweet with peppers in it but it was a nice surprise and not your typical “southern mayo based cabbage and carrot only slaw”. It went perfect with the BBQ sauce and pickles. It is worth mentioning that these burgers will fill you up! They have two patties and if you order a side of fries, you might bust. That’s my gripe about Flip is that I don’t feel full when I leave, the burgers are small, the sides are small (and I can’t drink the milkshakes), and I prefer more for my money. You get it here with local ingredients that leave you satisfied.

I’m not a big liquor drinker so I had the Pinot Grigio but John got the Mountain Sunrise with O.J., grenadine, and Platinum Moonshine. It was sweeter and more palatable than we both expected with less “grain alcohol” flavor and more “premium liquor” flavor. It’s also pretty as the OJ, liquor and grenadine separate to look like an actual sunrise. Next time, I’m going to try the Krispy Kreme moonshine because it sounds yummy and now that I know that cocktails with moonshine aren’t scary (my only run in with moonshine has been it burns too bad to drink), I’ll have to get on the ‘shine wagon. I think that’s the point of Stillhouse’s concept: to show the masses that moonshine can be interchanged with your typical vodka or rum drinks with ease. They do that well here!

So go to Stillhouse today, tomorrow, this weekend and get a burger (or Krispy Kreme) treat. MMM.

56 E Andrews Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 244-3600
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