What’s Going On In Atlanta This Weekend, Friday, February 21st to Sunday, February 23rd.


2014 Oysterfest at Steamhouse Lounge (The original!)

Saturday, February 22nd and Sunday, February 23rd

Time: Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm

About: With 27 years under it’s belt, The original Oysterfest of Atlanta is back with buckets of Oysters, ice cold beer, and local music line-up. Kick-off Spring right with one of the biggest festivals of the season! Pre-sale tickets are $20 for both Saturday and Sunday.

Website/link for times and more information: http://www.steamhouselounge.com/oysterfest.html

Sweetwater 17th Anniversary

Sunday, February 23rd

Time: 2pm-6pm

About: Sweetwater invites you to celebrate 17 years of brewing in Atlanta. Festivities include: music, cake cutting, and tons of specialty beers on tap. Advanced tickets are $12, day of is $17.

Website/link for times and more information: http://hep.xorbia.com/17th-anny-party


4th Annual Beads & Booze Bar Crawl (Highlands): Friday, February 21st: https://www.xorbia.com/e/abt/4th-annual-beads-and-booze-bar-crawl

Buckhead Mardi Gras Crawl: Saturday, February 22nd: https://www.xorbia.com/e/abt/2nd-annual-buckhead-mardi-gras-crawl


Shamrock with Yacht Rock Schooner: Saturday, March 1st: http://parktavern.xorbia.com/shamrockschooner

Secret Stash Bash at the Prado: Saturday, March 1st: http://tappanstreet.xorbia.com/secret-stash-bash-2014

Great City Race: Saturday, March 1st: http://www.greatcityrace.com/

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival: Saturday, March 1st: http://www.beerandbourbon.com/

Taste and Brews: Saturday, March 8th: http://tasteandbrews.com/

Lepre*Con 2014: Saturday, March 8th: http://asocialmess.xorbia.com/leprecon-2014

4th Annual Green Mile Pub Crawl: Friday, March 14th: https://www.xorbia.com/e/abt/4th-annual-green-mile-pub-crawl/

Luckyfest at Park Tavern: Saturday, March 15th: http://spiral.xorbia.com/luckyfest2014

2nd Annual Roswell Beer Festival: Saturday, March 15th: http://www.roswellbeerfestival.com/

St. Patrick’s Day Savannah Bus Trip 2014: Saturday, March 15th: http://abt.xorbia.com/st-patricks-day-savannah-bus-trip-2014/

3rd Annual Buckhead Lucky Leprechaun Pub Crawl: Saturday, March 15th: http://abt.xorbia.com/3rd-annual-buckhead-lucky-leprechaun-pub-crawl/

3rd Annual Highlands Kegs & Eggs: Saturday, March 15th: http://abt.xorbia.com/3rd-annual-highlands-kegs-and-eggs/

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2 Responses to What’s Going On In Atlanta This Weekend, Friday, February 21st to Sunday, February 23rd.

  1. Mitch Reiner says:

    Just found your blog for the first time. Thanks for the info, this really is a great list of things to do around the city!

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